Secondary English Medium

Indeed the history of our school is a glorious monument of human endeouver and selfless untiring efforts of its benefactors. The search for suitable place to house that school came to an end due to the kind gesture of one of the noblest philanthropists.

The school today boasts of noble edifice well ventilated wide class rooms. It includes a computer room, well panned science lab, audio-visual room and a well equipped gymnasium and auditorium.

For identifying bonafide students, they are provided with uniforms. We hold high our motto “Tamasoma Jyothigamaya” and hope to grow from strength to strength, becoming the pride of Dombivli city .

Teaching Staff
Sr.No. Name of the Teacher Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Narsimha Padasalgi Headmistress B.Sc., B.Ed.
2 Mrs. Surekha Pandit Supervisor B.Sc., B.Ed
3 Mrs. Rohini Galagali Assistant Teacher B.Sc., B.Ed
4 Mr. Laxman Jadhav Assistant Teacher B.A. BP.Ed
5 Mrs. Deepa Kulkarni Assistant Teacher S.S.C C.T.C
6 Mrs. Sunita Jabade Assistant Teacher B.A. B.P.Ed
7 Mrs. Rama Torvi Assistant Teacher B.SC B.Ed
8 Mrs. Vaishnavi Kulkarni Assistant Teacher B.SC B.Ed
9 Mrs. Utkarsha Naik Assistant Teacher M.A. B.Ed
10 Dr. Dharni Rai Assistant Teacher M.A. B.Ed, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
11 Mrs. Namita Shetty Assistant Teacher M.Sc. B.Ed
12 Mrs. Anjali Varde Assistant Teacher M.A(Sanskrit)
13 Mrs. Nutan Kurhade Assistant Teacher B.A. B.Ed
14 Mrs. Aruna Chaganti Assistant Teacher B.Sc. B.Ed
15 Mrs. Neeta Mojidra Assistant Teacher B.Sc. B.Ed
16 Mrs. Sima Kamthe Assistant Teacher M.A. B.Ed
17 Mrs. Prajna Shetty Assistant Teacher M.A (Pursuing B.Ed)
18 Mrs. Darshana Lakeshri Assistant Teacher B.SC.,B.Ed
19 Mrs. Sneha Nanoskar Assistant Teacher B.A.,B.Ed
20 Mrs. Snehal V. Nibalkar Assistant Teacher B.A.,B.Ed
21 Miss. Jayashree I Manvi Assistant Teacher B.A., B.Ed
22 Miss. Sharda Tirupati K. Assistant Teacher, B.Ed
23 Miss. Yajna Kotian Assistant Teacher M.A., B.Ed
24 Mrs. Nilima K. Assistant Teacher B.A., M.A
25 Mrs. Jyotsna Dhotre Assistant Teacher B.A., B.Ed
26 Mrs. Vijayalaxmi Birajdar Assistant Teacher M.A., B.Ed

Non Teaching Staff
Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Mrs. Rashmi Acharya (Lab Incharge) B.Sc
2 Mrs Yogita G. Desai Clerk B.Com
3 Miss. Sapna More Clerk B.Com
4 Mr. Prakash Shitap (Lab Ass.) Attendant S.S.C
5 Mr. Kantilal Patil (Naik) Attendant IX PASS
6 Mrs. Vinod Poojari Attendant S.S.C
7 Mrs. Rajashri G. Gothe Attendant

School Committee Members (Secondary English Medium)
Shri. Devadas L. Kulal Chairman
Shri. Narsimha Padasalgi- Secretary (Ex-Officio)
Shri.Diwakar T. Shetty Indrali Shri.Sukumar N. Shetty (ChairmanKS- Ex-officio)
Adv.Ramanna M. Bhandari Dr.Dilip K. Koparde (Secretary SCC)
Shri.Jagannath Shetty Shri. Ajit B. Umrani (Secretary KS-Ex-officio)
Shri. Lokanath A Shetty Shri. Chittaranjan M. Alva (Treasurer KS- Ex-officio)