Primary English Medium
In Pre-Primary & Primary we have total 692 students.
The following activities are conducted in the school.
  • Formation of Parents Teachers Association
  • Formation of Academic Council
  • Month End Competitions
  • Annual Sports
  • Annual Gathering
  • Science & Art Exhibition for all classes
We follow Exams patterns as per rules laid down by the Government & we have 4 Unit Test & 2
Terminal Exams.
Extra Exams like Scholarship for Std. IV, Maths Dnyanpeeth Exam for Std. III & IV.
We have a record of 100% results in Scholarship Exam & Maths Dnyanpeeth Exam every year.
We give Computer education from Std. I onwards
Teaching Staff
Sr.No. Name of the Teacher Designation Qualification
1 Mrs. Rathnam Muralidharan Headmistress B.A B.Ed
2 Mrs. Tara Yadav Assistant Teacher HSC D.Ed
3 Mr. D. J. Purohit Assistant Teacher C.P.Ed
4 Mrs. Neeta Alekar Assistant Teacher D.Ed
5 Mrs. Yogita Achary Assistant Teacher M.A B.Ed
6 Mrs. Sangeeta Kulkarni Assistant Teacher SSC K.G Trained
7 Mrs. Seema Bidaye Assistant Teacher Mont Trained
8 Miss. Geeta Ram Assistant Teacher D.Ed
9 Mrs. Rupali Dharashiokar Assistant Teacher B.Tech Ecc Ed
10 Mrs. Veena Shetty Assistant Teacher
11 Mrs. Priya Salian Assistant Teacher B.Com B.Ed
12 Mrs. Archana Bele Assistant Teacher B.Com B.Ed
13 Mrs. Bharti Poojary Assistant Teacher HSC
14 Mrs. Nikita Raut Assistant Teacher M.Sc B.Ed
15 Anjali Sorte Assistant Teacher B.A Ecc.Ed
16 Mayura Phatak Assistant Teacher HSC Ecc Ed
17 Rupali Palkar Assistant Teacher

Non Teaching Staff
Sr.No. Name of the Teacher Designation
1 Mrs. Nalini Bangera Clerk
2 Mrs. Manasi Pawar Peon
3 Mrs. Vinita Devrukar Peon
4 Mrs. Gayatri Rane Peon
5 Mrs. Malashree Poojary Peon
School Committee Members (Primary English Medium)
Shri. Devadas L. Kulal   Chairman
Smt. Ratnam Muralidharan   Secretary (Ex-Officio)
Dr. Vijay M. Shetty Shri.Sukumar N. Shetty (ChairmanKS- Ex-officio)
Shri.Satish V. Algur Dr.Dilip K. Koparde (Secretary SCC)
Shri. Diwakar Shetty Indrali Shri. Ajit B. Umrani (Secretary KS-Ex-officio)
Shri. Dinesh B. Kudva Shri. Chittaranjan M. Alva (Treasurer KS- Ex-officio)